January 22, 2009

Treehouse of my Dreams

This year for Aidan's birthday we got him the coolest gift ever - so cool in fact, that he will have to pry it from my fingers. I put it together last night in preparation for giving it to him this weekend.

He is very into playing with his "guys" - Star Wars figures, Playmobil figures and a variety of other figures that I don't recognize. Susanna mentioned that he doesn't really have a "house" for them, but noted that he's very cognizant of gender at this time, so he wouldn't like a dollhouse that looked too "girly". My stepmom has a castle at her house that Aidan plays with every time he visits, so I thought... why not get him a treehouse? I found many amazing versions on the web, but actually found one that I could afford on Amazon, sold through Target. Its the Maxim Deluxe TreeHouse, and you can buy additional items to add to it - like a gondola. If he likes it (and if he doesn't it's coming back to my house so that I can play with it) then I will be able to add to it on his next birthday.

Additionally, Mike and I were thinking that we could build something like this, perhaps with the help of Papa and his shop. It's right up my alley, so as soon as we finish the life-size house within which we live, I'll get to work on the miniature version.


James said...

Ohh-I'm so jealous! If only I could be 7 again! If you figure out how to make one. . .my birthday is in August!!! =)


Ali said...

This is the best looking tree house I have seen!! Ali

Never Done said...

Oh, it really is Ali, it really is. I can't wait to buy the gondola and the crow's nest to add on to it.

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