May 25, 2009

Creative Crafting from 1970

Back in January my mom and step-dad's place in Washington was flooded, and as a result they were forced to do some major cleaning and organizing of their workspaces (the rest of the house is raised off ground level, but both of their work studios are on ground level). The upshot is that I got my hands on some amazing craft books from the '70's and '80's. I'm keeping some for myself, but the rest are up for grabs. Any of these titles strike your fancy?

Creative Machine Knitting (by Linda Mendelson & Mark Dittrick, 1979)
Spin, Dye & Weave your own Wook (by Molly Duncan, 1973)
Natural Dyes, plants & processes (by Jack Kramer, 1972)
Curtains, Draperies & Shades (a Sunset book, 1979)
Christmas Trims Kids Can Make (a Better Homes and Gardens book, 1988)
Warping All By Yourself (by Cay Garrett, 1974)
Nostalgia Crafts Book (by Phyllis Fiarotta, 1974)
It's Fun To Make Things From Scrap Materials (by Evelyn Glantz Hershoff, 1944, 1964)
Step-by-Step Macrame (by Mary Walker Phillips, 1970)

Magazines, Leaflets, Patterns & Pamphlets:
Make Someone Happy! Lapel Pins in Crochet, 1981
Craft Ideas (from Stretch & Sew)
Knitting & Crocheting (Lady's Circle, Summer 1984)
Crochet Fantasy, January 1965, issue #25
Mon Tricot Special, Shawls, issue #8
Columbia Minerva, Teach Yourself to Crochet, book #777
Columbia Minerva, In Shawls, leaflet #2524
Columbia Minerva, Rugs For the Home to Crochet, leaflet #2555
Handbook for Better Knitting A to Z
Learn to Crochet by Bernat, book #152 (1970)
Coats & Clarks Shawls & Ponchos, book #207 (1971)
Hat and Scarf in the "Frosted Look" to Crochet, leaflet #114
Boye, New! Turnabout Togabouts CroHook Knitting Reversibles, item #7696
Woven Chenille Pillow Top (Omnigrid pattern)
Fuss-Free Fit (Simplicity, 1978)
Stretch, (Bernina, #17 & #18)
26 Knitting Patterns from the Wool Bureau

May 24, 2009

Cupcakes: pins & cushions

I was having trouble creating cupcake pin toppers that I liked, so looking to the cover photo on Pinks & Needles for inspiration, I made these three for my sister-in-law. Along with the felt/ramekin pincushion, I think they make a pretty picture!

May 20, 2009

Pennsylvania, 'til next time

We're back from our trip to Pennsylvania; hitting both East and West, and the turnpike in between. Within the week we managed to:

Tour Philadelphia by foot and by Duck
Eat Cheesesteak sandwiches
See amazing art at both Tyler School of Art & University of the Arts
Celebrate Mother's Day
Drive to Pittsburgh
Make necklaces and foam frames, tickle and play hide-n-seek with 3 nieces, while cooing and cuddling with a fourth (at only 3 weeks old she wasn't yet good at hide-n-seek)
Eat sandwiches at Primanti Brothers
Ride the Duquesne Incline
Drive back to Philadelphia
Drink beer
Watch Sara get her MFA!
Disassemble Sara's art show and kick ourselves for not making it to Bobby's
Thoroughly check out the Philadelphia airport as we waited for our delayed plane.

It was wonderful, whirlwind and well worth it! Can't wait to visit them in Ohio when Sara begins teaching at Marietta College!

This is what happens when tank tops go on sale, and three sisters all look good in the same color.

Mom apparently found Sara's graduation to be a tad bit boring - too bad the ol' witch wouldn't share.

Pretty Princess Mike

May 7, 2009

Pennsylvania, ho!

We're off to Philadelphia tomorrow to celebrate Sara and Bobby's new MFA's, check out their art shows, and then head to Pittsburgh to meet the new niece and do art projects with our other three nieces. Can't wait to see all the family, check out a new city and eat some good food!
In the meantime, check out my new shadow dancer magnet. I saw it at the SFMOMA gift shop, but didn't want to spend the $12. I came across it the other day at Powells for $6.50 - just the right price.

May 5, 2009

San Francisco, again

A few more photos of our San Francisco trip,
courtesy of Cherry & Elizabeth.

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