May 16, 2010

Cob Pizza Oven: Day Three

A long time coming - Day Three of the cob oven project actually occurred about a month ago, just 5 days after Day Two of the project. But due to a lost camera cord situation, the photos have been locked on the camera.

While I was at work, Clint and Bobby came back for another round on the oven with Mike. The goal was to get the sand form removed and the second layer on the oven.

Using a serrated weeding tool from Lowes (who knew it had so many uses), Bobby cut the front of the dome to create the oven opening, and all the sand from the sand form was scraped out.

This second layer was composed of straw, sawdust, water and more clay from the yard.

You can see the second layer creeping up over the first layer.

Almost done!

Over the last month we've been drying out the oven by lighting fires inside and exposing the outside to direct sunlight (as much as that's possible during springtime in the PNW). Once Bobby returns from his East Coast adventures, we'll begin work on the third, decorative layer, of the oven. We have lots of ideas, but haven't settled on anything just yet.
Here are a few images from other projects - great for inspiration:

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