March 14, 2010

Turtle & Ipod Cover

Turtle, from Tiny Yarn Animals by Tamie Snow

Crocheting with fervor continues at our house, but in order to keep them from taking over, I'm giving more and more pieces away. Above is a turtle, that I put into a gift box to Sara - turtle is now residing happily in Marrietta, Ohio.

Susanna got a new ipod for her birthday, and so of course, she got a new crocheted cover as well.

Ipod cover - general pattern adapted from Slugs on the Refrigerator. Due to a thinner yarn weight, I had to make a few adjustments to the pattern to make it large enough to fit over the iPod Touch (same size as iphone, though slightly thinner). Instead of chaining 19, I chained 27. And instead of a total of 17 rows, I did 24 rows. Also, there was no way that skipping one stitch on the tab was going to leave me a large enough buttonhole to fit over a button, so I actually had to make the tab a little larger.

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