March 30, 2010

Never stop celebrating

My mother started a little tradition 23 years ago when my older sister turned 10 - a weekend away to celebrate each "decade" birthday. It's been a great tradition, and it helps to have something to enjoy as another decade ticks past. Though my 30th was in August, we have both been too busy to get away for a weekend. Which is why, 7 months later, my mother and I found ourselves at a sweet little hotel in Hood River this past weekend, toasting to 30 good years.

We started the weekend early - cracking open that first bottle of wine Friday afternoon.

We did not have cake, but we did have macarons. We're both big fans of macaroons, but I've never tried the french version until now. We had Pistachio and Lavender - both very good, but really no competition for that winning combination of shredded coconut, almonds and eggs.

Saturday brought another first - a trip out to see the Maryhill Winery. I've been wanting to go here in the summer for one of their concerts, but have never made the trip.

Beautiful place on the gorge, surrounded by vineyards. I can imagine that it's even better when it's a bit warmer and sunnier, and one can enjoy their glass(es) of wine while listening to music.

The brisk weather did not stop us from tasting their wares, however.

We would have kicked that bottle too, if only Mom didn't have to drive us home.

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