March 25, 2010

Shrinky-dinks and a rabbit

Gift box is a Yogi Tea Box, carefully unfolded and then refolded inside out. They print the best pattern on the inside.

Rebecca's birthday has come around again (not to make you feel old, m'dear - you'll always be younger than me). She is always the recipient of my random little gifts, and is such a good sport about it. This year, to mark the occasion:

A little, rosy-cheeked rabbit, with a hidden heart. This little amigurumi pattern is from Crafty Is Cool, and I only edited it a little bit.

On a recent trip to the toy store I came across a pack of shrinky-dinks. I used to love these as a kid, and wanted to find a way to use them now, at the ripe old age of thirty. When visiting Susanna the other weekend, I broke out some of her stamps and went to town on the shrinky-dinks. When I got home, I colored them and put them in the oven. Here's what I learned - your stamp ink really should be permanent. Apparently the ink I used was water-based. But, here's what I also learned - when you pull them out of the oven and the ink has bled and you think it's a lost cause, just wipe the back with a wet towel, and voila, good to go.

I cut some discs out of shrinky-dinks (punching a hole in them before shrinking).

And then glued the stamped pieces to the discs - shiny side up on the stamped pieces, rough side up on the discs.

Added a little ribbon, and hopefully Rebecca can find some use for them as gift tags - or whatever.


Lorie said...

Awesome! The girls have made some recently and I have been racking my brain on what to do with them! I will be using them to make Christmas what you did! And love the bunnies!

Lorie said...

Oh and loved the idea for the tea boxes! I'll be "borrowing" that idea too :D

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