May 31, 2010

Another Day on the Slopes

This baby mobile was commissioned by Susanna for a friend’s baby, due in June.

There are three penguins from an Allison Hoffman pattern, and one penguin of my own design; this is a little boy in a penguin costume, trying to blend in with the skiing penguins.

Each penguin has a unique colored hat with a white pom-pom. The skis are craft sticks, painted, and attached to the penguin feet with velcro.

Susanna not only requested that the penguins be on skis, but that I include a gnome somewhere in the mobile as well. So the purple-hatted penguin is holding a needle-felted gnome.

The mobile hanger is the inner wooden frame of a 32” embroidery hoop; covered in crocheted cream yarn. The “snowballs” are 2 cm needle-felted wool balls from Handbehg Felts. These were a really good deal, and saved me from spending hours needle-felting balls. As is, this mobile took a significant amount of time. I never realized how tedious it is to crochet the same penguin three times.

1 comment:

The Mighty RandR said...

Darling! I especially love the dress-up penguin!

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