December 21, 2010

Fashionista Dolls

Wow, Priority Mail! The gifts we mailed on Saturday traveled 3,000 miles and arrived Monday!

Which means that since our nieces are going out of town for Christmas, they got to open our gifts early. Judging by the 4 voicemails Mike received requesting that "he please call them", I think the gifts were a hit.

I worked really hard on the gifts for the girls this year, and loved every minute of it. Last July I made three crocheted dolls for the older girls, assuming that the baby would be too young for a doll. As one of three girls myself, I should have known better. No little girl, no matter how young, will sit idly by while her three older sisters are playing!

This little Corkscrew completes the set of 4 dolls for 4 girls.

The Original Three

In addition, I couldn't let those dolls go through a Pennsylvania winter without a few more clothes. I may have gotten a little carried away...

Total: 4 dresses, 4 coats, 4 pairs of shoes, 4 tops, 1 pair of overalls, 1 pair of shorts and a skirt
(My "model" doll also helped model some of the new clothes)

Luckily, I also made somewhere for the clothes to reside.

Using an old, wood cigar box purchased from a local antique store, I covered the inside with patterned rice paper, and painted the outside with pink enamel paint. I lined the inside of the door with embossed felt, created a shoe trunk from a wooden box, added wood finial "feet" and a wood flower for a knob. I also painted a couple wooden flowers and glued them to the inside of the door as "hooks" and glued a mirror onto the felt with a felt border. Lastly, the closet rod is a painted wood dowel and the hangers were fastened from 18 gauge wire. Voila, a doll armoire!

It was very fun to figure out and make, and I'm very tempted to make one for myself now!
Merry Christmas Girls!

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