December 31, 2010

Christmas 2010

Mike and I spent a "too quick" 4 days with family in NW Washington for Christmas. It went by so quickly, and it felt like we couldn't spend enough time with each person, but we did enjoy every moment that we did share. Some of the Holiday Highlights:

• Visiting the Golden Distillery on Samish Island, just minutes from Mom & Mark's house.

• A five-hour lunch in Vancouver, BC, with my cousins and my new 1st-cousin-once-removed, Cohen!

• Dinner with Remi & Andrew, and breakfast at the local Bakery

Mom, Bobby, Sara, Remi & Andrew taking Gibbs & Jack for a walk to the Bakery.

• Teatime with Katie & Jan, and getting to see how much Max has grown in the last month

• Christmas Day at Susanna & Claytons

Bobby, Mom & Mike (and the animal heads)

Aidan with his food (he opened a present, found it full of food, looked a bit confused for a minute, then remembered that he had asked Santa for food to put in his new treehouse).

Have you ever seen an 8-year-old so excited to receive a snuggie?

A touch of Calgary - a new cowboy hat from Uncle Will

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