November 18, 2010

Maxwell, the doll

Baby “Sweetcheeks” Maxwell turned 1 earlier this month!

He has grown into such a handsome devil, that when Mama Katie asked that I make him a doll for this birthday, I thought no one better to model it after than Maxwell himself.

For the doppelganger Maxwell doll I used the Benny the Monkey pattern by Beth Doherty as my base pattern (see blue/green monkey below left). Naturally, I dropped the monkey muzzle, eyes and ears. I also shortened the legs, and added my own ears and facial features.

I used cotton worsted weight yarn for the body so was able to needle-felt the eyes and cheeks directly onto the head. Maxwell has a great head of reddish-curls, and his doll follows suit with some lovely angora curls. The overalls are removable and the straps are secured with snaps.

Gotta love those Bobble-toes!


Jane Blogs said...

Very cute - both the doll and the original!

You're very talented :)

Never Done Project said...

Thank you! Wish I could take credit for the original, but I did hope the doll would do him justice.

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