November 10, 2010


In late October Papa came to town to give me one of my birthday gifts (from August). This incredibly gracious gift was to remove the horrendous yucca growing in our front yard.

Many people like yucca, and I won't pass judgement upon their plant preferences. However Mike and I cannot stand the stuff. It has dense, thick roots & stalks, it collects garbage from the park next door, grows too high for cars to safely see into the intersection and it is incredibly sharp and pokey. It's also not easy to remove. Apparently a previous owner had attempted to remove it and it all grew back.

Papa brought the tools: power tiller and axe, and at times had to resort to the hatchet. He also had to sharpen all the tools, because, as I mentioned above, that yucca is dense.

After a long day's work, the yucca was gone! Or so it appears. Of course the ground is full of the yucca roots, which would be pointless to dig up since we're bound to miss one. Our plan for now is to attack each new shoot with round-up, or similar, and then hack it down. It may be years before it's ever really gone, but we'll still try to plant something new there in the spring. For now, it's just really pleasant to see the clear dirt patch. Thanks Papa!

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