December 9, 2010

Shout out to my Sisters!

My sister Sara's new book, Soil Mates, hit the shelves this month - so exciting to see her name in print! Not only that, but my sister Susanna wrote all the recipes for the book, so both of their names are in print! I've already ordered my copy, and several others for gifts.

Sara and Bobby have also been getting lots of press, for the book and for their business. Check out the following links:

• An interview at Inspiration for Writers

• A little write-up in the NY Times

• There is also a feature in the January issue of HOW Magazine's "Young, Hungry, Creatives", with an incredibly adorable photo.

In addition, a special pat on the back goes to Susanna, who visited us last weekend to work on her needle-felting, and who managed to sell all four of her pieces on the train home without even trying!

Good thing I have excellent self-confidence, or else my sisters would be putting me to shame. Keep up the good work ladies!

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