June 3, 2012

House Projects: work in progress

Kitchen demo continues...

With each wall we rip out, we're confronted by one more weird 80's retrofit.

So far we've taken out drywall, and under that plaster, and under that lathe, and under that old insulation. Next we have to redo the electrical and a little bit of plumbing, add insulation, then the drywallers will come in and close up the walls.

For the floors, we've chipped out tile and pulled up cement board. Next we'll rip out linoleum and cut out melamine. That's all to expose the sub-floor, onto which we intend to place some hardwood oak flooring.  So much more to go but I'm so glad this project is underway - after 7 years I'm ready to have a finished kitchen!

1 comment:

The Mighty RandR said...

Its looks like lots of progress is being made! Can't wait to see the final result!!

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