February 8, 2009

A dirty weekend

Another weekend, demo continues. It is amazing what dirty things you can find in your walls.. in more ways than one.

This weekend we finished tearing out all the dry wall and plastered-plywood to fully expose the crawl spaces and all of the nasty insulation. There were two layers; the standard fiberglass blanket roll that makes your skin crawl and your throat scream, and a kind I've never seen before - a kind of loose-fill fabric type, that reminds me of billions of dead mice. It didn't make me itch, but it took hours to remove, dustpan full by dustpan full.

Mike and I split up, each taking one side of the house. We found an assortment of odds and ends buried in the insulation: two mismatched shoes, a marble, several christmas ornaments, a shopping list and a cute outfit for a paper doll. But the most surprising find was a little plastic baggie full of polaroids. I wasn't wearing my glasses or contacts at the time, so it took me a moment to understand what I was looking at, and then I felt very dirty indeed. We uncovered some lovely couple's homemade porno polaroids, appearing to be from the late 70's/early 80's. It made us very happy to be gutting that bedroom and starting afresh.


Jamie and Katie said...

Wow. How come you didn't post the Polaroids? =)

Never Done said...

I tossed them in the trash before I could think about what wonderful blog material they might be.

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