March 14, 2011

Game Time!

A few months ago Sara commissioned me to make a baby mobile for her college roommate, Missy, who recently gave birth to a baby girl. She didn't put any parameters on the theme of the mobile and let me do whatever I wanted. As Missy is very into basketball (player and coach) I decided to combine the age-old barnyard animal theme with a basketball theme.

Since it was a gift from Sara, I also wanted to include an element that spoke to Sara's style, hence the colored converse. Sara is a big fan of the ol' chucks (even wearing a pair for her wedding). I found a pattern for converse on a cake decorating website, adapted it and scaled it down until they fit my animals. They are cut, sewn and fabric-glued out of flat felt.

Instead of crocheting this mobile, as I did here, here, here, here, and here, I decided to make another needle-felted one. I added a little bit of crochet in the net, just for ol' times sake.

The center basketball is also needle-felted, and the black lines are embroidery thread, soaked in clear glue and then carefully laid on the orange ball. This was the hardest part - if any glue got on the ball, it left a mark that looked horrible. I had to do this a couple of times before it looked okay.

All of the animals, ball, and hoop are suspended with white ribbon. This is a new approach for me, as I've always used yarn in the past. I liked the look of it, so I think I'll use this for future projects as well.

Missy is a particular fan of Duke basketball, so I added a little Duke blue in the pennants around the hoop, and the "D" logo to the top of the mobile. Mike was a particular help on this mobile, as he offered great advice on how to apply the finishing blue touches.

Congratulations Missy - game on!


Anonymous said...

The mobile is AMAZING! It is the center piece of my daughter's room. The Duke insignia is an amazing touch as her name is Cameron (the name of Duke's basketball arena). This mobile will be admired for years to come as I truly hope she grows to love basketball and Duke as much as me. You're creativity is amazing and greatly admired. Thanks!


Abby said...

So glad you like it Missy! Sara was very excited to give it to you, and I LOVED making it. Congratulations! And welcome to the world, Cameron!

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