March 25, 2011

Cocoa Beach Surprises

The third and final part of our Florida vacation took us back to Cocoa Beach. We left Sara and Bobby in Orlando to catch their flight home to Ohio, and Mike and I added a couple days to our vacation to see Grandma Betty. We got a couple of surprises when we arrived.
First, there was going to be a rocket launch at Cape Canaveral ('bout 10 miles North) on the day we arrived. Mike grew up here, so he's seen this before, but this was my first experience and it was pretty cool.

Mike and I headed down to the beach around sunset to watch the launch.

The birds took up position facing the launch pad.

As did many people.

The setting sun caught the "rocket smoke" and made it look like a giant, rainbow churro.

The second wonderful surprise showed up Saturday morning in the form of Lorie (Mike's sister) and our four nieces! They had driven down from Pittsburgh, and we only wish we'd had more than a day to spend with them.

But we did spend the time we had well - on the beach. While Mike ventured into the cold surf, Lorie and I sat on the beach watching the girls get wet and sandy.





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