March 2, 2011

Jump! Jump! Chucks make ya wanna...

In addition to the magnetic pool of the Smelt Derby, there was another reason to head north last weekend - to celebrate Susanna's birthday! We did so with lasagna, 50 games of Mexican train dominoes, and this little 6-inch fellow:

After hearing about a baby mobile that I recently finished, Susanna requested "something" with converse - not that a Kangaroo really needs converse to jump high, but they can only enhance her game really.

This pattern was my first attempt at handsewing since I was a kid. I tried to make a joey for the pouch as well, but the pattern for it was lacking in detail so it ended up looking like a squirrel. For the converse I improvised a design based on a cake decoration, custom fitting it to the size 20 Kangaroo feet.

Kangaroo was such a hit with my nephew Aidan, that he has requested a Penguin in Converse for both he and his cousin!

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