February 28, 2011

The Groundhog Lied!

We have just returned from a wild, wintery weekend in the Skagit Valley, and it was no small feat to get up there. On Thursday night we drove north, only to make it 45 miles up the road before turning back. The road was so covered with ice and snow that our little Corolla had no chance (another reason to miss the Bull). Not one to give up, Friday morning we arose bright and early and caught the train to Mount Vernon. What enticement kept us going? Why the Smelt Derby, of course!

The Smelt Derby is an annual fishing competition that takes place in the small town of Laconner, Wa. This is a family tradition for the fishin' Franklins, and Mike and I were excited to participate this year. We were entirely unprepared for the weather, but luckily Susanna & Clayton had us covered (figuratively and literally).

Alex, Quinn & Carolina

Susanna & Alexis

We had another early day, as we staked our claim on the dock by 8:30 am. Clayton set us all up with rods and reels, Alex brought the propane heater, and the kids kept the waters full of chum (by constantly throwing chicken feed into the water in an attempt to attract fish).

Clayton & his Barbie pole

Mike working two poles with skill (outfit courtesy of Clayton)

3 hours later and not a single fish was caught (though a few were sighted). Apparently 25° weather and snow are not ideal conditions for smelt (not so ideal for me either). To thaw out we headed down to the Hall to paint some dead fish.

Aidan going blue

Isaiah went for an all black fish, which turned out so awesomely that Susanna made a second one so that she could go all black as well.

I tried for an ombre green/blue with a few pink highlights.

I have a project idea for this fish print...

The snow continued all weekend, and after fishing we headed home for dominoes and sledding. Vanessa & Aidan did the majority of the sledding, and even found a way to get a little workout in for Gunner.

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