February 17, 2011

So long "Bull"

The other day I was reading Wendy's post about finally getting rid of her old car, then as if it were contagious, I found myself in a similar situation.

11 years ago I bought a 1992 toyota 4-runner from my dad, and it's been with me ever since. As of Tuesday this week it had 278k miles on it. And it was still running! But I was told not for long unless we invested some serious cash into it. It was too serious for us, so after much deliberation we decided that it was time to say goodbye.

It may not look like much, but much happened in this car.

I learned to drive standard in this car.
It's been up and down the West coast countless times,
and across the country twice.
It has moved me, my sisters and friends from apartment to apartment to house.
I slept in it once when my roommates threw a party that wouldn't quit.
I've slept in it camping at the coast.
I've driven it up the mountain to ski (it's a wonderful car to take skiing, as you
can sit on the tailgate and have lunch and never have to remove your ski boots).
I've driven it to the ocean to surf.
It has hauled garbage, drywall, aluminum siding, concrete, mulch, windows, 2x4s and paint.
It has hauled babies and friends and family.
It is just a car. But oh it makes me think of so many wonderful things.

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