February 11, 2011

Out of town & On the town

Last week I jetted down to sunny (but cold) San Diego for work with my colleague Elizabeth and architect Renee. We were down to look at the School of Medicine, but managed to see a fair amount of the campus and a bit of "downtown" La Jolla.

And last weekend Mike and I spent time in Eugene watching a UO Men's Basketball game in the new Knight Arena. It was a great, close game against the Univ. of Washington, and I loved our seats in Row K of section 107 (noted for future reference - should we go again). The stadium is quite nice, with some pluses and minuses. A major plus is that it is walking distance from the hotel we like to stay at, and tickets to basketball are much cheaper than football! We were also able to get into three more favorites: Keystone Cafe (for breakfast), Eugene City Brewery (go for the Kurobuta Ham Sandwich - also available at the Green Dragon in Portland), Ninkasi Tasting Room (home of the lovely, lovely soft pretzels). We also checked out the Picadilly Flea Market, at the recommendation of AAA magazine, as we're in search of a new coffee table. I was expecting a flea market like they often show on HGTV or TLC (lots of antiques and furniture). The Picadilly in Eugene is more like 75 mini garage sales. We didn't find anything there that we couldn't pick up at the local Goodwill. For something to do, it's worth the $1.50 entry fee - just keep your expectations low.

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