September 1, 2010

Under The Big Top

Baby Boy Lader is due to arrive in just a few weeks...

... imagine his excitement at arriving home and seeing this mobile hanging over his bed!

A baby's view

The mobile consists of a 9” diameter wooden embroidery hoop with red & white felt triangles. The triangles are sewn around the hoop at the base and sewn at the top to a red button. All the crocheted red balls are from a pattern by Emily Premise-Conclusion.

His limbs have an inner core of pipe cleaner and his eyes are buttons.

This monkey is based on the “Anthony Monkey” by Elise Dino. I say “based” because I did not use Dino’s pattern, but rather used a photo on her website to create the monkey. I liked the design a lot but didn’t need the pattern to create it. Lots of credit to Dino for designing such a cute monkey!

I’m particularly enamored with this seal with the ball balanced atop his nose. The pattern is from Vanna White (of Wheel of Fortune fame).

Quite an agile elephant! Pattern is from Irene Strange. He's about 3" high, but he feels like he's on top of the world.

King of the Big Top, this lion is the centerpiece to the mobile. He may hang a little lower, but it's just to keep an eye on everybody. This pattern is by Ana Paula Rimoli and was published in Crochet Today. It's a pretty good pattern, but is not laid out well in the magazine, so if you can find another source, good on you. Crocheting the mane is a bit tedious, though easy. He kind of looks like he has an 80’s permed mullet; it’s a bit endearing.

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Irene Strange said...

Awesome! Love the little lion especially!

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