September 26, 2010


A needle-felted hen and chick for Katie, hand-delivered two weeks ago when we were in Seattle.

I followed the guidelines from the book Wool Pets by Laurie Sharp. The roving is mostly from Clover, with a little Felt Works by Hobby Lobby used on the chick. The more I needle-felt, the more I understand the difference in wool roving. The Clover roving is most prevalent at craft stores but it's so finely combed that it takes a lot longer to felt. I really like the Felt Works by Hobby Lobby because it's rougher, and therefore faster. Unfortunately I have to order that online and they only sell in small quantities (.25 oz). I've also used roving from Wistyria Editions which is quite nice (but same issues as Hobby Lobby), and today I found some roving by a local place in Astoria. Haven't used it yet, but it was by far the least expensive so I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

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