October 13, 2010

Flower Girl

A round of applause for fall babies, and another for the last minute scramble to finish all the baby gifts. Not only has Jett, the recipient of the Circus mobile, been born, but Annie joined the world just a day later. Welcome, Annie!

Annie is the gorgeous, dark-haired daughter of one of my college roommates, Kristin, and I hope that in the next few months this mobile will make her coo and smile.

This ladybug is essentially three easy components: a dome, a circular base and a ball.Using two strands of black yarn, I “split” the dome by sewing the strands around it and pulling it a bit to tighten it. Since I was using cotton yarn, the black spots are needle-felted onto the red.

The eye-whites are bulging circles (more stitches in one half of the circle) and the pupils are safety eyes. The antennae are pipe cleaners (or chenille stems, if you’re so inclined).

While I didn’t use a pattern for this, I did see a photo of Annie Andell’s “Lolly the Ladybug” and used it for inspiration. I don’t know what her pattern is like, but if you’d like to buy it: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/lolly-the-ladybug...

Pattern by Amy's Odyssey

This googley-eyed dragonfly is a simple crochet project from bamboo & cotton yarn. I was able to needle-felt the eye whites onto the body, and then sew little black beads on for pupils.

Kristin asked only one thing of the mobile, that I somehow incorporate their cat, Nelly, into it (a la the gnome in the Penguin mobile). As a result, a little needle-felted Nelly sits on the rim of the mobile and checks out all the bugs. The cat is attached to the mobile with a snap so that it can be removed at a later date when Annie old enough for a "toy". The crocheted pieces are attached with jump rings for the same reason. The patterns for the flowers and leaves came from Crochet Bouquet, and I needle felted the centers onto the flowers.

Next up: a present for my first-cousin-once-removed, newborn baby Cohen!

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