October 23, 2010

Ohio: part I

During the second weekend of October (plus two days on either end) Mike and I headed to the buckeye state, Ohio, for a long-awaited visit with Sara and Bobby. Never having been to Ohio before (short of driving through the top half on my way East/West) I wasn't exactly sure what to expect. I thought it would feel more "mid-west" with flat fields of corn. SE Ohio is a different story - it's really lovely. It's rolling hills, covered with trees and fields. There were barns, silos and lots of color.

Sara and Bobby live in Marietta, a small town at the convergence of the Ohio and Muskingum Rivers. It's an old town full of brick houses and victorians. Marietta was established in 1778, and was the first permanent settlement in the Northwest Territory. Many of the streets are still paved with brick.

Sara and Bobby have been contacted about designing a mural for this wall.

Coming from Portland, a hub for microbrews, I was a bit concerned about what Sara and Bobby would end up drinking while in Marietta. While the Budweiser flows heavily in these parts, I was relieved to see that there was a local brewery as well.

Historic Lafayette Hotel

Ohio River

Muskingum River

Downside of the rivers... it floods here.

Just outside of Marietta, at the Dillon State Park, was a small, operating lock on the Muskingum. It was operated by hand, by a "lock" guy who lives on site.

Me, thoroughly enjoying the locks (and the 85 degree weather in October - note the sundress!)

Across the Muskingum River from Marietta is a small town called Harmar. The quaint downtown in Harmar Village is only open on the weekends and offers cute shops, including Butch's Cola Museum, where we enjoyed old-fashioned ice cream sodas (cherry) and smothered hot dogs (hot dog and bun in a bowl, with all the toppings).

There was also a great little antique furniture store, outside of which were these cool ladders and bikes. Not sure if they were for sale...

to be continued...

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