September 9, 2010

Labor Day at Westport

This has been the summer of "out of town" posts. So many adventures to be had...

Last weekend Mike and I joined family and friends at the coast in Westport, WA. Susanna and Clayton rented a place at the "Chateau Westport", just a couple blocks from the ocean. We spent copious amounts of time on the beach, searching for treasures, flying the kite, playing football, frisbee, and baseball. Following are some photos of my favorite moments, and many more can be seen here.

Aidan's Kite

Beach Jump

Lincoln & Heidi

Aidan has a very good throwing arm.

He also has a good "game face"

But his defense just doesn't hold up against 180 lbs of Uncle.

My beach finds

Susanna & Clayton's beach finds

Susanna sorting her sand dollars

Aidan thoroughly enjoyed this, except for the sand down his pants part.

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