February 27, 2010

Let the Under The Sea Adventure begin!

That post about progress photos was just a tease. Instead I'm posting finished photos! Once I got the ball rolling on this baby mobile, it actually came together pretty quickly.
Each piece was a separate pattern, some of my own and some from others. I have it on good authority that Maxwell is already enjoying his mobile. Hopefully his parents will send me a photo.

The seaweed was created using the Toothy Leaflet pattern from Suzann Thompson’s “Crochet Bouquet”, though slightly modified.

The centerpiece was this Yellow Submarine, which I crafted by looking at a picture.

Big Blue, the cheeky octopus: pattern from Ana Paula Rimoli.

Sweet Fish: pattern from Ana Paula Rimoli.

Spiny Starfish: I adapted this from a pattern for a Super Mario Invincibility Star by Marte Fagervik .

Jelly Fish: pattern from Ana Paula Rimoli.

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