September 26, 2009

26 Days

Let's count... 26 days since my last blog post. Why, I do say, that's a record for me!

Life and projects have been ticking on in the last 26 days, and I've just been too damn busy to write about it.

Completely unintentionally, but my last post, on August 31st, marked my one-year anniversary of blogging. This is quite impressive for me, as I've never been able to keep a diary or journal going past a few pages. I like photos more than words, which must be why blogging generally works for me.

Some of the projects that have occupied my time over the last few weeks:

The bulk of my free time has gone into painting the house. As you can see, we're making progress. We're using Behr Paint, with the integral primer, which is going on well, and in general, we're able to get away with 2 coats. The hardi-board siding was also pre-primed, so it's hard to say if we'd need 3 coats if it hadn't been. The main house color is Devine Spice, the base is Devine Cafe and the trim is Bavarian Cream... tasty, no? We're still in negotiations on the door color. In addition we have finally gotten around to "sucking" out the sand in between the flagstones of our new front path and putting down the gravel (no photo of that yet). The sand was too loose, causing the stones to shift, and it would get tracked into the house constantly. We've only had the gravel for a few days now, but we're liking it better already.

We also spent a long weekend up in Sedro Woolley / Bayview to celebrate Susanna and Clayton's wedding (a local party for all those folks who couldn't make it to Mexico). Sadly I was too busy socializing, organizing food, dancing and drinking to pull out the camera. I'm hoping for some great photos from others soon... It was a great party at the Bayview Community Center, and we packed the house. The food was plentiful (fresh-caught crab, salmon, countless salads, enchiladas, lasagna, homemade bread (Papa) and 3-layer chocolate mexican cake (Mom). There was even a bouncy-house and dunk tank, which the kids loved. I contributed two salads: Smitten Kitchen's Cubed, Hacked Caprese (with a few variations, as in pearl mozzarella and quartered grape tomatoes) and the Lemon, Parmesan, Chickpea Cabbage Salad at Everybody Likes Sandwiches. I also contributed a video of the Wedding in Mexico, full of photos and some short video clips from my Flip video camera. This played on my laptop throughout the party.

In between it all we've managed to have the Taylor's over for dinner (pot roast - first one of the season), take another trip to Stanford for work and have a little fun with my new Nintendo DS and coloring books.

It's been a busy end to the summer, and now we're gearing up for fall. I'm looking forward to the Bead Fest this weekend in Portland, a football game at UO in Eugene next weekend, and a baby shower in Seattle the following one. Gotta finish painting that house too...

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