September 21, 2011

Okey-Dokey, Artichokey

Last weekend my mom graduated from the certificate program at the Gail Harker Creative Studies Center. She's been in this program for the last two years, meeting for one intense week 4 times a year. When she joined she made it clear that we were not to get married, have children or otherwise embark upon anything momentous that would require her participation or full attention (Sara disobeyed a little by getting married, but after waiting 10 years before tying the knot I know that Mom didn't want her to put it off any longer).

As much as we missed having Mom around as much, it was great to hear all about the classes she took, techniques she learned, and to have generally lived vicariously off her enthusiasm.

Last weekend it all culminated in a two-day art show at the new Creative Studies Center in LaConner, WA (Mom had been commuting to their old digs in Oak Harbor, WA).

 Flowers for Mom/Nonny

Mom explored a theme of Artichokes for her show.

Dear Artichoke,
I know, I know
It's been a bad year.
Sorry about the
rain flooding your feet
Sorry about the 
sun not showing up.
But there you have it.
I cloaked you in manure
just the way you like it.
Now, do your thing.

- Nancy Scagliotti


We're all very proud of you Mom!

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