October 27, 2011

Painted Pottery

Last month Mike and I took advantage of a local Groupon at Mimosa Studios. It's been many years since we painted pottery together, but I always find it relaxing. Unfortunately Mike finds it very stressful. I must have forgotten that part.


One of the cool things about Mimosa Studios is that you can bring your own food and drink - including beer. This is a feature that I find very relaxing.

This is my Garden Gnome and his sidekick, Hedgehog Mushroom.

In order to complete our pieces, with three coats of every color, it took two 3-hour visits. We spaced them out over the month to prevent pottery-painting burnout.

After we finished it took about a week for them to be fired and glazed. When we picked up the brown paper bag this is what we found...

Mike's turtle turned out very well! Most of his colors were opaque (except that pesky purple). He even achieved a cool effect on the green by using two different shades in the layers (not intentional - he just forgot which colors he was using).

Hedgehog Mushroom looks like he's up to no good. 
When he doesn't want to be seen he turns his back and pretends he's a mushroom.

And Garden Gnome arrived home to realize that he's a little late for the garden. Luckily he found some pumpkins and made himself quite at home.

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