October 24, 2012

Craft Weekend

Last weekend I spent three lovely days at my sister Susanna's house participating in a "craft weekend". She extended her dining room table to it's full length, plopped down a few trash baskets and opened her doors.

Alyssa and Amy needle-felting and beading
Over Friday - Sunday various friends and family members dropped by to work on craft projects - some came prepared with something in mind and others showed up looking for a new creative outlet.

Adrianne, Savannah and Nessie even brought a "food craft" and set up in the kitchen to make Lumpia (similar to eggrolls).

Aidan kept all the ladies company, including being a great babysitter to 3-week old baby girl.

Aidan multi-tasking: holding a baby and playing the Xbox

Mom and I were working on making presents for other people so I can't post them on the blog yet.
Following are some items made by others!

Amy made two needle-felted flowers to pin on scarves and hats.

Susanna needle-felted bird ornaments to sell this Christmas (the photos don't do them justice since I only had my camera phone). She used Laurie & Kevin Sharp's latest book for reference.


Susanna also picked up this awesome Halloween craft magazine that I snapped a few photos of below (can't remember the name of the magazine). I don't decorate or craft for Halloween, but I thought some of these ideas were excellent inspiration for other projects.

I might carve my pumpkin like this...

Man in the Moon Pizza!

Pumpkin cookies

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