August 9, 2009

Telling Stories

Last weekend my father, aunts & uncles, sister Susanna and family, Mike and I gathered together to remember my grandmother, who passed away in April. Over a fabulous lunch, spread over my grandmother's old dining room table, and overlooking my dad's amazing garden, we shared stories about Maga.

Some were shocking

Some were hilarious

Many of us stayed the weekend at Pop & Sharon's place, which is nothing short of amazing.

Their garden is in full swing and Pop is in the process of creating another set of koi ponds.

We finished Saturday evening sitting around the fire pit roasting marshmallows (thanks for the encouragement, Aidan!).

Aidan, as the only child, is used to being around lots of adults, and generally does very well. In an effort to give him, and himself, a little extra entertainment, Clayton put together a rocket to shoot off in the garden.

1 comment:

Jamie and Katie said...

Abs-what a special time with your family! How neat that you did that.

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