November 28, 2008

Over the channel and through the woods...

... to Poppy's house we went.

On Wednesday night Mike and I headed North to Pop and Sharon's new house in the woods of the Kitsap Peninsula to celebrate family and food. We were joined by Susanna, Aidan, Tia, Tio Joe, and Auntie Joan. The new house, while still a work in progress, is a gorgeous cedar and log construction, set amongst 10 acres of woods. They've been hard at work for years on this, but the attention to detail is wonderful. We're looking forward to seeing new elements evolve with each visit, and we're suffering with deep jealousy over their cedar bat-and-board siding.

To burn a few calories pre-dinner, Aidan and Poppy led us on a trek through the woods to the "bear tree" - a beautiful old tree, covered in moss, with lots of nooks perfect for sleeping bears.

Food was celebrated ten-fold: mashed potatoes with winter squash and parsnips, sweet smoked salmon, yam bake with pecans and coconut, fresh Thai crab and clam cakes (caught by Clayton, prepared by Susanna) and apple pie, pumpkin pie and delicious peach cobbler.

In between meals we busied ourselves with lots of small projects. Susanna created a half dozen wooden holders for jewelery pliers, Aidan put his touch on a wooden stool, airplane, rocket and a car. My craftiness was applied to gathering materials for several christmas gifts that I'm hoping to get started on soon (stay tuned as they develop).

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