November 10, 2008

Football Weekend

Years ago Mike and I started a tradition of taking in a college football game sometime during the Fall, so that we can pretend, just for a moment, that we're back in college. We just took in our fifth game, and coincidentally, celebrated our fifth anniversary together (we celebrated by forgetting about it entirely). For the first time ever, this year's game took place during a torrential downpour. Those who know me, and know my level of sports enthusiasm (low, for those who don't know me) would be surprised to learn that I lasted through nearly the entire game, and didn't once pull out my book or ipod. Have I changed my tolerance for football? Nope, it was just too damn wet out to read.

Despite the rain, we had a great weekend in Eugene. We checked out the Eugene City Brewery (36 beers on tap, people) where we had a very nice waiter, who managed to maintain his smile and good humor, even after a table of three girls skipped out on their check. For those heading to Eugene soon, I'd also recommend the Allann Bros. Beanery for excellent pie, but I'd steer clear of Sam Bond's Garage, who put on an excellent display of poor customer service.

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