October 19, 2009

Baby Gunter Shower

Last weekend Katie's friends threw her a baby shower, for the secretly-named-bun-in-her-oven. It was a ladies-only affair, with lots of presents, food and even some dispensing of advice (such as, "one diaper can last a week - if it's slimey, it's still good".

Katie, examining a baby photo of her husband Jamie, and determining that her unborn son will indeed have large cheeks.

Everybody was asked to bring a baby photo of themselves to share, and the guests were all meant to match names to the baby photos.

Katie Jean, herself (also contributing to the "large cheeks" genetics).

4 more weeks to go...

Stuffed bear wearing the wool booties I brought, and guarding the pee-pee tee-pees.

Joey, Jamie's "first" doll, as described by his Mother & Sister.

Katie & her Mom

Katie & her Mother-in-law

We wrapped up the weekend by sorting baby clothes, drinking tea and catching an 80's Soft Rock variety show at the Triple Door in downtown Seattle. It was a great time - not only the 80's soft rock (duh) but also catching up with Katie - can't wait to be back in a couple months to meet Baby Boy.


KGreene said...

Did you design the invite? So cute!

Never Done said...

I didn't design it, but it was adorable! It was also amazing to see how many "monkey" outfits she got for the baby - they were giving the puppy dog outfits a run for their money.

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