October 23, 2009

To Serve & Protect

Mike and I have a pretty solid routine for workdays: alarm goes off the same time every morning, we go through our rituals for getting ready (hair, teeth, breakfast, deodorant - check), and we head out to our respective jobs. In the evening we again follow another routine. Boring? Staid? Predictable? Some days we wish for a little something to shake it up. Yesterday, our wish came true.

We awoke yesterday morning to a police car, a fire truck and an ambulance next door at the park. Apparently there was a "sick" man down at the baseball diamond bleachers (we figure that's code for a guy overdosing on drugs). An odd way to start the morning, to be sure, but we were out the door on time.

To double the oddness, last night, as Mike is watching a football game in the living room and I'm in the kitchen on my computer, I hear the sound of our aluminum ladder being moved in our backyard. I peek out the blinds and catch sight of flashlights moving around, and a dog - in a vest. I yell to Mike that somebody is in our yard, and as we look out the backdoor, we're confronted with the Police telling us to stay in the house while they continue searching for somebody.

Two very weird events, made weirder by happening in the same day. We still don't know who they were looking for, or whether they found him, but we did check the locks twice before heading to bed.


Susanna said...

wow, sure makes you question taking the bars off the windows:)

Never Done said...

That it does!

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