December 28, 2009

The Menagerie

Oy, my hands hurt. For the last month I've been fervently crocheting Amigurumi for Christmas, Birthdays and baby gifts.

The crochet patterns that I used are from many sources, most of which don't want you to post their patterns or sell any products that you make with the patterns. I understand the former, but am surprised by the latter. It's like saying, "I'll sell you this butter, if you use it to make cookies, then you better not take those cookies to the bake sale, dammit!"

Luckily for me, none of the Ami will be sold, but will be lovingly handed out to family and friends (albeit, with very sore hands).

For your viewing pleasure, in no particular order:

A little rabbit for my niece, Leaira. This pattern is free from the Lion Brand® Yarn Website, though I did not use Lion Brand® yarn (shhh).

This little penguin has yet to find a home, but he just may stick around with me. His free pattern is also from the Lion Brand® Yarn website.

The heart ornament is one of my favorites - in no small part due to the fact that there is no sewing-on of body parts and nor embroidering of faces. The free pattern is for three sizes, and was created by Owlishly. The little bird was also quite simple to make, and I took a few liberties with the overall design. The free pattern is available Lion Brand® Yarn. I hope that they look good in their new California homes.

The monkeys... Both monkey patterns are from Ana Paula Rimoli's book Amigurumi World. I changed up the faces from those shown in the book, and in place of a skirt on the little monkey, I went for the orange tutu (and gave her some modest white undies). This little monkey is for my 5-month-old neighbor Lilly, while the big ol' monkey hangs out on my bookshelf.

The peeled banana is one of 3 that I've made so far, and with each one I keep getting better. I would say this is my favorite pattern to make, with the exception of having to embroider the faces. I made two into rattles for two new baby boys; one born, one to be born soon. The free pattern is from Amigurumi Paradise.

This little pear is also from Amigurumi World, and is made from a bamboo yarn. It's very soft and squishy. This is a gift for my nephew, who when asked which one he'd like, paged through the book, looked thoughtful for a moment, then announced that it was between the penguin and the pear, and that he'd like to go with the pear. So random, but very Aidan.

And since I adore my nephew, I also made him the penguin.

This little owl has a bottom weighted with pinto beans so that he doesn't fall over. The bottom also has a cool "starfish" pattern, which is sadly only visible when it is lying on it's side (which of course it doesn't do because I weighted the bottom). I also forgot to embroider his feet on - just noticed that now. This free pattern is from Coats & Clark.

A sweet little snail turned into an ornament, from Amigurumi World. This should look good year-round hanging in my mother's house.

More hearts from Owlishly, joined together with a large jump ring.

A fuzzy wool and acrylic owl ornament for my Uncle - fastest pattern to make, hands down. The free pattern is from Roman Sock and at first glance looks very detailed with lots of photos. However, it's not actually a pattern, just some guidelines to follow. But after making a dozen Amigurumi, the "guidelines" were all that was needed. And as soon as I meet more people with a thing for Owls, I'll be making plenty more of these.

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Jamie and Katie said...

Might I say that I am in complete awe and so thrilled that a few of your delightful creations have ended up at our house! Max loves his banana! =) Thanks!


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