January 11, 2010

Christmas In Sedro Woolley

The holidays have come and gone, and for this, I am sad. I love getting together with family and friends around Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's, and this year we were around to celebrate Aidan's 7th birthday too. We celebrated Christmas day at Susanna's house with Franklins, Always and Scagliottis (and a Soliwoda, Rosenstock and a couple of Vorobiks thrown in for good measure), and Christmas Eve at Mom and Mark's house, with wine, raclette and mexican train dominoes. Christmas cookies were consumed at a very consistent pace, as was red wine and those lovely, petite mandarin oranges.

All the stockings were hung under the dead animals with care...
Susanna made new felt stockings for everybody; customizing each to fit our personalities.

Vanessa explained the whole Santa/present process to Alexis. Her favorite gift was a box.

Adrianne shared her socks and gloves with Alexis. It was very early in the morning, and the coffee had yet to kick in.

Well, that takes care of breakfast.

Aidan found his "Santa" Tree present.

Upon opening, he exclaimed "Look Mom, it's just what you wanted!".

Clayton "unwraps" his presents (involved untying the hefty-cinch sak)

Grandma, Randy and Marianne settle into the couch, which is very large and comfy, and served as homebase throughout the day.

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