January 24, 2010

Camano Craft Weekend

After the Gunters, I continued North to Camano Island for my craft weekend at Camano Craft Hideaway. I can't rave enough about the place. They cooked us 3 meals a day, plied us with candy and cookies for snacks, provided feather beds on which to lay our heads and craft space to die for. Each workstation had an Ott-lite, a tool holder, cup holder and a personal trash can. The work chairs had a dozen different adjustable positions and the view out the windows were of the sound and Whidbey Island. Before we left we'd already signed up for a return trip.

Regina and Robyn were scrapbooking (as were Jane and Carol, not pictured).

Susanna was beading.

And I was crocheting.

Following are photos of two of Susanna's brick-stitch bracelets from the weekend.

Following are some of the crocheted Amigurumi I worked on all weekend. In addition to these, I have a gnome, a mushroom and a strawberry in the works. Those pieces are going to be folded into a couple of baby mobiles, and need a little more work. But as I progress with the mobiles I'll post more photos of them.

Baby Squirrel from Amigurumi Two! This is a very cute guy, but there was a typo in the pattern for the body portion, so I had to do a little guesstimating.

Hammer and fish from Amigurumi Two!

Lamb is from Grammy's Heart. I think I'll have to adapt this pattern for future use, as I'm not a big fan of how the face turned out.

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