August 11, 2010

Project Progress

Last weekend I finally managed to finish staining and assemblying one of the adirondack rocking chairs that we bought several years ago. We have been waiting until our fire pit was finished - and as of June it was! At the end of the deck we had Pablo's guys level and gravel an area for our raised fire pit. It's our hope to put it to good use roasting marshmallows soon.

While I've been working on the adirondack chairs (one more to go), Mike has been hard at work on building the overhang for our hot tub. This overhang matches the one on the deck, over the back door, but is large enough to cover our hot tub. We have dreams of some Winter soaking while staying out of the rain.

Above are the boards for the underside of the overhang. I've been sealing them with Rosewood oil. The same boards have gone in the front of the house under the eaves, and will be under the backdoor overhang and front porch overhang as well.

Progress continues!

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