May 31, 2011

Nothing says "almost summer" like the firing up of the cob oven

Our cob oven spent the winter covered in a green tarp, and home to a small green frog. However, as of yesterday it was liberated! 

Our friend Bobby spent the day working with us around the house, and to celebrate a successful work day we fired up the oven for the first "cob pizza" of the year. 

Lots of new toppings to choose from this time, including: roasted butternut squash, ricotta cheese, pickled peppadew peppers, apricots and broccoli rabe.

As the sun went down we lit up the "campfire" for part II of s'mores-makin! Bobby admitted that he has a hard time just sitting around a campfire, so he used hot coals/embers to start hollowing out a piece of wood, which he hopes to turn into a pig-shaped bowl for his mother. A very intriguing project, to be sure.

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