July 23, 2011


Lilly, our precious little neighbor - the two-year-old who can put a smile on anybody's face - who's laugh is infectious, had a birthday this month too!

I had long been planning my gift for her - ever since Susanna visited in April and we both purchased the book BIG LITTLE FELT UNIVERSE. It took me a couple of months to narrow down what I wanted to make, but in June when up at Papa's house for a project weekend, I got busy and made this:

A basket full of fruit and vegetables (and a mouse - eeek!)

My favorites are the carrot and head of lettuce. The carrot pattern is in the book, but the lettuce wasn't. There was a pattern for a leaf of lettuce, however, so a little imagination and I was able to turn one leaf into a whole head of them.


This mouse is similar to the one I made my Mom for her birthday.
The pattern is available here.

The basket was crocheted out of Wool-ease Thick & Quick.  It's a bit of a squeeze to fit everything into it, but I figured that since she's two these toys will end up all over the house soon anyway!


The Mighty RandR said...

I love the produce - what a great idea! Well done Abby!

Robyn said...

that's amazing! it came out great!

Abby said...

Thanks Robyn! I read your blog everyday - love your photos and learning from your parenting discoveries.

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