July 21, 2011

Time Out: let's celebrate

In the midst of our current home project scramble, Mike had a birthday!

Though we plan on celebrating with our family at the end of the month, we couldn't let his actual birthday pass by without some acknowledgment. So we celebrated with pizza and cannoli!
But before Mike could sit back and relax with his Italian delicacies, he had to help Papa and I move and assemble furniture, as we attempted to put the house back together after drywalling, painting and carpet installation (note new shelf in above photo).

We fired up the cob oven on Saturday and made all sorts of delicious pizza combinations: my favorite was the Prosciutto + Figs + Blue Cheese.

We even got to finally introduce Rebecca & Ryan to our cob oven!

Though a little tentative at first, they quickly realized that char & ash only serve to enhance the flavor.

We continued Mike's birthday celebration on Sunday with a birthday party for 2-year-old Lilly, our beautiful neighbor and friend, and a child who has some fantastic facial expressions.

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