August 16, 2011

Festive Forest Baby Mobile

My gift for Remi & Andrew (and ultimately the babe) was a Festive Forest mobile.

I handsewed a Raccoon, Deer, Mouse, Bird and Hedgehog from cut felt. The deer and mouse you've seen before. The others are my new patterns designed especially for this mobile. Finishing touches included needle felted mushrooms, butterfly and dragonfly.

The felt trees were sewn to "velvet" ribbon and the felt banners were glued to white crochet thread.

 Mr. Raccoon, all duded up with his purple striped tie. His tail is needle felted from wool roving.

This Bambi has gussied herself up with a big, pink bow.

Little Miss Birdie has donned her favorite hat.

Monsieur Mousie is dapper in beret and scarf.

 Ever the party man; Hedgehog has shown up with his good-for-all-occasions party hat on.

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