August 10, 2011


During the first week of August we had a mini family reunion in Portland, when Grandma, Great-aunt Armeda, and Mom's cousins Peggy, Bev & Don all flew in from California. It was wonderful to see my mom surrounded by so many of her female family members - can you see the resemblance?

My Mom, Nancy
Her Mom, Elsie
Her Sister, Armeda
Her Daughter, Peggy
 Her Cousin, Bev

During the day the ladies hit the town in search of shoe sales.

In the evening we hung out in the backyard of their Oregon City rental house; drinking wine, nibbling snacks and talking in our exaggerated Italian way! 


 Neighborhood kittens made themselves at home.



 We ended the evening with a campfire and marshmallows. Aidan roasted them all to perfection (including scorched black at Peggy's request).

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