July 31, 2012

Balloon-travelin' Bear Band Baby Mobile

Some folks say that bears go around smelling bad  
Others say that a bear is honey sweet  
Some folks say this bear's the best I ever had  
Some folks got a bear beneath their feet

Baby Sprout will soon have a bear above it's head - five bears to be exact.

These bears are hand-sewn from wool felt, the balloon is constructed from individual "shingles" of cotton fabric, and the instruments are wood; picked up at a street fair (banjo), a garage sale (guitar), and glued together with random scraps (tambourine!).

 We have a bear who can belt out a Lyle Lovett tune...

Some folks drive the bears out of the wilderness 
Some to see a bear would pay a fee 
Me, I just bear up to my bewildered best 
And some folks even see the bear in me

And a bear who jams on the banjo.

Below, a hip, swingin' bear strums the guitar. 


There's a bear wearing a jaunty scarf and holding a dangling rope...

... from which dangles a tambourine-playin' bear!

 So meet a bear and take him on out to lunch with you 
Even though your friends may stop and stare 
Just remember that's a bear there in the bunch with you 
And they just don't come no better than a bear

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