July 8, 2012

Painted Display Shelves

I have had little display shelves hanging on the wall by my desk since last summer. One was light, unfinished wood; a Hobby Lobby purchase (I removed the glass door). The other was a vintage store find, and it was stained dark wood. I use them to store some miniatures, doodads and trinkets, and I've wanted to paint them so that they match and tie in with the rest of the room.

So while Susanna was here last month, and we had our painting clothes on, I gave the insides of each shelf a couple coats of gray glossy spray paint. Then I painted the outside edges a matte black (by hand).

As of yesterday, they are back up on the wall!

They're mounted using Command velcro wall strips, which I find to be incredibly useful and handy. Just one on the back of each shelf does the trick.

I've grouped them together with a small copper etching that I bought years ago at a PNCA art show (three sisters), and the Joan Baez album cover that features my papa (the young, handsome guy on the far right).

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