April 21, 2009

Hair Gel, Bubbles and Flavored Ice

Last weekend Mike and I traveled up North to the Skagit Valley to visit with family, celebrate (belatedly) my mom's birthday, and partake in the annual Tulip Festival. After checking out the street fair vendors, purchasing some great earrings made from an Aboyna wood burl, we went to Susanna's house for a carne asada dinner. Mike, ever the indulgent uncle, agreed, quite willingly, to let Aidan and Vanessa "do" his hair... with red, green and blue hair gel... on the living room couch... in his new shirt.

On Sunday, while Mike went for a bike ride (in training for the Seattle to Portland with Pops this July), Mom and I managed to get the kids away from the computer and outside for shaved ice and bubbles. Aidan kept saying, "this is a great day, Nonny". It was.

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