April 5, 2009

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine...

A treat... the weather this weekend was indeed a treat. Mike and I have both been so busy with work these last few weeks, that when the weekend rolls around we have to dig deep for motivation to work on the house. For the next 6 weekends we have plans, so to wake this weekend to sunshine all day long, seems like a blessing (if I believed in such things).

We spent all weekend in the yard: digging vegetable beds, re-sodding, weeding and mowing. Our goal is to grow, grow, grow this year so that we can eat, eat, eat frozen veggies all winter. Since our hard work really just amounts to squares of dirt, I figure photos aren't really needed - just use your imagination.

Our reward/cherry-on-top is a steak dinner with spicy sweet potato wedges and salad, followed by ice cream sandwiches.

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