April 30, 2010

Lil' Blondie

This little doll and (her teddy bear) are for my colleague, Cherry, to gift. I started with a pattern from keep it simple, silly, but then adapted it to suit my preferences. Interested parties can read all about those changes on Ravelry.

She's about 8" high

I didn’t crochet her “naked”, but rather gave her a 3/4 sleeve blue undershirt and white/orange striped leggings. Since this is for a little girl, I didn’t think that she’d be successful at keeping a bunch of outfits or accessories together, but I wanted to give her a lot of color. This way there’s only one removable clothing piece: the dress. The dress is very simple, with a little ruffle hem and a boatneck top.

I made the hair using Hempathy yarn because it has a little brown mixed with the yellow, and is very thin, but strong. I ended up with a lot of hair - next time I'll crochet a "hair cap" first, and then attach the individual yarn strands to that.

Enjoy the doll, little-unknown-girl-who-will-receive-this-gift!

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