April 18, 2010

Trike Bike

We had a brief, but great visit with Pa and Sharon on Friday night, as they stopped over en route to California. Sharon is on her way to a stone sculpting symposium on the coast, south of San Jose, and Pa is driving down with her so that he can start biking North (as far as he can get before Sharon's symposium is finished. As you may recall from Mike and Pa's biking adventures last year, he has taken to riding a recumbent bike. But that was so last year - this year he's moved onto a new "steed" - the trike bike.

Since he plans on leaving the recumbent with us for Mike to try out, Pa gave him a quick lesson on it's workings.

Of course we had to try our hand at the Trike as well.

I loved it.

Anja and Lilly came home just in time to try it out as well.
Lilly had a few reservations about the whole idea.

But took control of the situation pretty quickly.

She was happier to be on her feet though.

And happiest in her Mom's arms.

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